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This is a list of events that we organized or participated in. Click on the thumbnail photos to get some impressions.
Waves Vienna Music Hackday 2016
30 Sep - 1 Oct 2016, Vienna, Austria
For the second time we organized the Waves Vienna Music Hackday, as part of the Waves Vienna Music Festival, with 100 attendees.
Waves Vienna Music Hackday 2015
3 Oct 2015, Vienna, Austria
For the very first time we organized a Music Hackday on our own, as part of the Waves Central Europe Music Festivalin Vienna's Alte Post, with about 75 attendees and great results.

Music Hackday at Sónar
17-19 June 2015, Barcelona, Spain
We present our MusicBricks technologies in the pre-Hackday workshop and assist hackers and creative makers in the 24 hour Music Hackday at the Sónar+D festival.

Music Tech Fest Scandinavia
29-31 May 2015, UmeƄ, Sweden
A three day festival of music ideas. We are co-hosting the festival on behalf of the MusicBricks project and also present our audio analysis technologies and give a presentation on music video analysis by Alexander Schindler.

Digital Sound Solution - The Making of Music and Coding
May 19, 2015, Haus der Musik, Vienna
We hosted a workshop on music apps and audio-visual music & video analysis for kids from 10-14 years (blog post here, slides available here). Also, Oliver Pribyl performed his Piano GloveFX project live on stage.
Foto Smartkids Digital Sound event

CeBIT 2009
March 3-8, 2009, Hannover, Germany
Our team presented an interactive table-top installation for browsing music archives, among our other research topics, at the stand of "Research in IT in Austria".

CeBIT 2008
March 4-9, 2008, Hannover, Germany
We presented our latest Music IR developments including the PlaySOM software at the Austrian IT (OCG) stand

Microsoft Innovation Day 2007
October 18, 2007, Vienna, Austria
invited to present our Music IR developments and PlaySOM software at a stand; a video about our developments was produced (2 min, wmv, german)
photos MS Innovation Day 2007
ISMIR 2007 - 8th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval
September 23-27, 2007, Vienna, Austria
the conference was co-organized by our group
photos ISMIR 2007
IBC 2007 - International Broadcasting Convention
September 7-11, 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
demonstrated our MIR developments and PlaySOM software at a stand with the MUSCLE NoE

June 11, 2007, Vienna, Austria
Thomas Lidy received the "Distinguished Young Alumnus/Alumna"-Award and Veronika Zenz received the Best Poster Award
photos Epilog June 2007
CeBIT 2007
March 15-21, 2007, Hannover, Germany
demonstrated our MIR developments and PlaySOM software at a stand with the MUSCLE NoE
photos CeBIT 2007
ECDL 2005 - 9th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries
September 18-23, 2005, Vienna, Austria
the conference was co-organized by our group
photos ECDL 2005
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