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Submission Guidelines

Submission must be in English, in PDF, and in the current ACM two-column conference format. Suitable LaTex, Word, and Overleaf templates are available from ACM Website ("sigconf" template for LaTeX; Interim Template for Word)

  • Submissions should be at most 8 (full) or 4 (short) pages (including figures and references) in length.
  • Submissions should be submitted electronically via EasyChair: .
  • At least one author of each accepted paper is required to register for, and present the work in person at the workshop.
Important Dates:
  • Submission deadline (updated): April 29, 2024
  • Acceptance notification: May 23, 2024
  • SIGIR PatentSemTech2024 workshop: July 18, 2024

List of Topics

We encourage submissions of high quality research on all topics related to the IP domain. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Text mining and retrieval from patents, legal documents, or other scientific-technical information sources
  • Machine learning methods, in particular deep learning methods for
    • Representation learning (word and document embeddings)
    • Language models, e.g. BERT, LLMs
    • Query expansion
    • Clustering and classification
    • Recommendation
    • IPC/CPC prediction
    • Trend detection
    • Entity extraction
  • Semantic approaches for
    • Linking semantic information
    • Integrating external knowledge sources
    • Semantic enrichment
  • Methods and applications for retrieving, mining, and analysing, including
    • Patent landscaping
    • Hot spot / White spot analysis
    • Multi-modal analysis
    • Technology trend analysis
    • Innovative user interfaces
    • Visual user interface concepts


We solicit two types of submissions: full papers and short papers for three tracks: research, demo, and summarization task. Full papers will be limited to 8 pages (including references); short papers will be 4 pages (including references).

The submissions will be peer-reviewed (single blind) by at least two program committee members and evaluated based on innovativeness, novelty, interestingness, and impact. We plan for three tracks:

Research Track
  • Novel applications of existing state of the art methods for the IP domain
  • Novel methods or tasks in the IP domain
  • Novel user interfaces for the IP domain
  • Novel evaluation or analysis insights in the IP domain
  • Novel benchmark datasets or other resources of interest
  • Surveys on particular tasks in the IP domain

Demo/System Track
  • We solicit demos, case study, insights, or novel ideas from industry that present
  • Focused case studies making use of semantic technologies or machine learning
  • Interesting IP-related task descriptions or best practices for patent analysis
  • In-use systems or prototype implementations of semantic technologies
  • Demos on processing or analysing data from the IP domain, or user interfaces
  • In-use resources related to patents or external resources, e.g., linked open data.

Data Set Track
  • The Dataset track presents an open-application challenge where participants can explore various tasks, including text segment classification, automatic technical terminology recognition, and summarization.
  • We will provide a semi-annotated dataset referred to as the Open Innovation Ecosystem Dataset (EcoNLP-AI-GP), comprising 20,000 patents and scientific publications from the AI and Green plastic domain. Each document in the collection has been segmented into text tiles using discourse analysis techniques such as Texttiling and sentence classification.
  • The primary objective is to identify sentences discussing problems, solutions, contradictions, or prior art.
  • All terms within each text tile have also been labeled based on their relevance to the text tile’s topic, scientific domain, and taxonomy categories.
  • These categories span various areas including Substances, Processes, Drugs, Polymers, Chemical classes, and Nutrition.


Accepted papers will be published as CEUR ( proceedings. Selected contributions will be invited to submit extended, full papers to Elsevier’s World Patent Information (WPI) journal:


The workshop will be held in conjunction with SIGIR 2024. See SIGIR | Washington D.C. | USA | 2024


All questions about submissions should be emailed to: and