List of Accepted Papers

Full Papers

Prior Art Search and Reranking for Generated Patent Text
Jieh-Sheng Lee and Jieh Hsiang

Chemical Reaction Reference Resolution in Patents
Hiyori Yoshikawa, Saber A. Akhondi, Camilo Thorne, Christian Druckenbrodt, Ralph Hoessel, Zenan Zhai, Jiayuan He, Timothy Baldwin and Karin Verspoor

Linguistically Informed Masking for Representation Learning in the Patent Domain
Sophia Althammer, Mark Buckley, Sebastian Hofstätter and Allan Hanbury

Case Study Paper

Modular Development in Patent AI Space: A Case Study
Mahesh Maan, Sam Zellner and Anirudh Sanutra

Resource Paper

PatentMatch: A Dataset for Matching Patent Claims & Prior Art
Julian Risch, Nicolas Alder, Christoph Hewel and Ralf Krestel

Short Paper

A Multimodal Approach for Semantic Patent Image Retrieval
Kader Pustu-Iren, Gerrit Bruns and Ralph Ewerth

Demo Paper

PatentExplorer: Refining Patent Search with Domain-specific Topic Models
Mark Buckley, Sophia Althammer and Arber Qoku