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Electronic resources are a central part of our cultural and intellectual heritage; but this material is at risk. Digital memory needs constant management, using new techniques and processes, to contain such risks as technological obsolescence. Risk begins before the digital record is created and continues for as long as the digital object needs to be retained. Digital preservation is too big an issue for individual institutions or even sectors to address independently. Concerted action at both national and international level is required. DigitalPreservationEurope facilitates pooling of the complementary expertise that exists across the academic research, cultural, public administration, and industry sectors in Europe.




Selected tasks contributed by TUWIEN

  • DigitalPreservationEurope Preservation Challenge
    invites participants to overcome the barriers hindering access to set of digital objects. Each set of objects is accompanied by a highly abstracted scenario based on real-life situations. These scenarios are intended to make the challenge more accessible to participants from all backgrounds while not trivialising the serious nature of the digital preservation challenges facing society.
  • DigitalPreservationEurope Research Exchange Programme (DPEX )
    DPEX aims to encourage innovative practice through research collaboration and to build bridges between practitioners and researchers. Participants in the DigitalPreservationEurope Research Exchange Programme (DPEX) programme benefit fromcontact with the experienced preservation professionals, engagement in environments where preservation challenges are encountered on a daily basis, and/or contact with renowned research labs and industrial partners in the area of digital preservation in Europe. DPEX will allow participants to look beyond their specific professional environment.
  • Team Digital Preservation Animation
    A series of short animations introducing and explaining digital preservation problems and solutions for the general public.




Team of TUWIEN

Stephan Strodl
Andreas Rauber  
Robert Neumayer   Christoph Becker  
Carmen Heister      

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