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Digital Preservation Challenge

Digital Preservation



The DPE digital preservation challenge aims to raise awareness amongst researchers of the issue of digital preservation. The challenge invites participants to overcome the barriers hindering access to (sets of) digital objects. Each object is accompanied by a scenario based on a reallife situation. These scenarios are intended to make the challenge more accessible to participants from all backgrounds while not trivialising the serious nature of the digital preservation challenges facing society. .

Submissions were encouraged from postgraduate and undergraduate students in the computing science and engineering disciplines.

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1. Challenge

DigitalPreservationEurope's (DPE) 1st Digital Preservation Challenge ran from 25 May to 15 July 2007.

The winner of the First Digital Preservation Challenge was Miguel Ferreira University of Minho, Portugal

The first digital preservation challenge attracted numerous high-quality submissions and our first prize winner, Miguel Ferreira University of Minho, Portugal, successfully managed to solve all six sections of the challenge. A formal announcement of the winners and an overview of the submissions was presented at ECDL in Budapest, Hungary on 18 September 2007.

" The problems proposed in the Challenge made me realize how diverse preservation scenarios can be and how difficult it is to find good sources information, tools and services for carrying out preservation interventions. The challenge also made me realize how specific and time-consuming preservation interventions can be and how difficult is to find good and general solutions applicable to all sorts of preservation contexts. " Miguel Ferreira

Report from Miguel Ferreira [PDF, 2.8MB]

Scenarios of the first Digital Preservation Challenge


2. Challenge

The second Challenge ran from February July 2008.

1st Prize: Alex Mason (Durham University, UK)
Alex Mason was able to solve all the provided challenges showing great skills in data archealogy. The proposed digital preservation solutions were outstanding and Alex also provided tools to handle problems emerging in the tasks. His work clearly showed a deep understanding of digital preservation and the challenges associated with it.
Alex was the only participant to implement a preservation solution for the database scenario that allows direct access and further utilisation of the complete data set. Besides, he proposed a video-based approach to solve the task of multimedia art preservation - an outstanding solution.
Altogether, he has proven to have a stunningly deep understanding of the issues at hand and therefore is awarded the first prize of this digital preservation challenge.

Rreport from Alex Mason [PDF, 2.6MB]

2nd Prize: Juan-José Boté Vericad (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Universitat de Barcelona)
The second prize goes to Juan-José Boté Vericad. He also managed to solve most of the given tasks, focussing specifically on emulation approaches. Juan- José was able to identify and open all the files provided and access all the data. He suggested good solutions for the problems occuring in the tasks. The solutions were very well designed and accompanied by good analyses and motivations why the specific solutions were recommended.

Report from Juan-José Boté Vericad [PDF, 4MB]

3rd Prize: Mac Kobus (Stuttgart Media University)

Mac Kobus solved some of the tasks and showed a good understanding for problems associated with the other tasks. His submission focussed specifically on task 2, where he managed to display all the images. He also provided recommendations for generally applicable strategies.

Report from Mac Kobus [PDF, 280KB]

Scenarios of the second Digital Preservation Challenge

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