Abstracting Domain-Specific Information Retrieval and Evaluation (ADmIRE) is a project which aims to solving domain-specific search problems by developing a framework and methodology for creating a search solution for any domain-specific scenario.


Information Retrieval on the World Wide Web functions very effectively and efficiently. These search tools are specifically designed as multi-purpose tools, applicable in as wide an array of situations as possible. Nevertheless, all information is not equal. There are areas for which these tools are conceived too broadly to be useful:

  • health or biomedical information
  • intellectual property information
  • social science publications
  • blogs
  • press photographs
  • etc

A search in one of these domains is called a domain-specific search. Such a search is specific in terms of the collection of documents indexed, search refinements arising from the domain characteristics, domain coverage specificity, types of multimodal data (e.g. images, chemical formulae) present in the documents, and the end users and their tasks.

Project's contribution

ADmIRE will contribute to the following areas of IR:


Domain-specific IR methodologies

We will develop a framework consisting of a classification scheme for domain-specific problems and a protocol giving the optimal evidence-based approach to solving the problem based on the characterisation.


IR evaluation

ADmIRE will develop guidelines for future IR evaluation campaigns and publications to allow easier and more effective use of the evaluation results to guide decisions in domain-specific search system design, and develop a framework for component-based evaluation based on the workflow paradigm.

Team Members

The ADmIRE project is managed by the Information & Software Engineering Group (ifs) located at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (isis) at the Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria.

Allan Hanbury

Dr. Allan Hanbury

P: +43 1 58801-188310
Mihai Lupu

Dr. Mihai Lupu

P: +43 1 58801-188314
Florina Piroi

Dr. Florina Piroi

P: +43 1 58801-18806
Linda Andersson

M. CL Linda Andersson

P: +43 1 58801-188313
Aldo Lipani

M.Sc. Aldo Lipani

P: +43 1 58801-188302