To all students, who do Bachelor or Master work with Prof. Dieter Merkl or have any other discussion with him, please come to the reception hours of Prof. Hannes Werthner.

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The new Doctoral College of Environmental Informatics is now funded by TU-Vienna. The consortium comprises 10 key faculty members from 7 institutes. From our institute, Prof. Silvia Miksch and Prof. A Min Tjoa are involved.

Our proposal entitled "Benchmark DP" is accepted in context of Information and Communication Technology Call 2012. Here is a short abstract:

Our proposal entitled "Formalizing Information Security Risk and Compliance Management" is accepted in context of Information and Communication Technology Call 2012. Here is a short abstract:

At the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems, Information & Software Engineering Group, there are open topics in the field of web, mobile and social networks application development. Interested students are requested to consult Dr. Anjomshoaa or Dr. Tahamtan for further information.

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Die hohen Energiekosten bringen Unternehmen zunehmend unter Druck. Die Optimierung des Energieeinsatzes ist für die Wirtschaft eine Daueraufgabe. Das heißt, die Energiekosten zu senken und damit die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Wirtschaft zu stärken sowie den Verbrauch natürlicher Ressourcen und die damit verbundenen Umweltbelastungen, insbesondere durch die Emission von treibhausrelevanten Spurengasen, zu vermindern. Die Rolle der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie zur Reduktion der Emissionen ist unbestritten.

Prof. Abigail Sellen has held a presentation entitled "Human Memory in the Digital Age" on June 15th, 2011 in IFS.

Abigail Sellen is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge in the UK and co-manager of Socio-Digital Systems, an interdisciplinary group with a focus on the human perspective in computing.

The presentation's video and slides are now available :

- Click here to download slides

Recent advances in sensor networks, mobile computing and storage technologies enable us to sense and collect our life events digitally. The process of logging individuals' experiences is not limited to personal information: it can also be extended to recording community experiences and their online activities. It can be expected that in the near future life logging systems and electronic memories are going to have significant impacts on our lives similar to the revolutions brought by mobile phones and the Internet.

Hue University has conferred the Honorary Professor title on Prof. Dr. A Min Tjoa, Director of the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems under the Vienna University of Technology.

The title aims to recognise Prof. Dr. A Min Tjoa’s valuable contributions to promoting training and scientific research cooperation between Hue University and Austrian education establishments, helping the university join the network of Asian-European universities in 2006.

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