This semester a group of targeted sub-projects are announced for Pojektpraktikum, Seminar (mit Bachelorarbeit) and Informatikprasktikum (1 and 2). The sub-projects are aimed to be used in one of the institute's research projects in Semantic Desktop field. The students who are interested in the following topics are requested to contact us for further details of projects:

• Semantic Web and Ontologies
• Service Oriented Architecture
• Mashup programming
• Business Process Integration
• OSGi-based system development

The European Linked Data Contest [1] has been organised with the goal of showcasing the European scene in the area of Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies. The contest awarded prizes for the best projects that make use of Linked Data, either in an open Web sitting (Linked Open Data category) or within organisations (Linked Enterprise Data category). Similarly to the Eurovision contest, finalist projects were selected from each European country and then the winners were selected from these finalists through the vote of an international jury.

At the 20th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA) 2015 Luca Berardinelli, Stefan Biffl, Emanuel Mätzler, Tanja Mayerhofer, and Manuel Wimmer received the Best Paper Award in Factory Automation for their paper on "Model-Based Co-Evolution of Production Systems and their Libraries with AutomationML."

Zum ersten Mal gewann ein Informatiker (Jaron Lanier) den Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels. Näheres zur Verleihung

The Linked Data Lab is proud to receive the Best Paper award at EnviroInfo 2014 Conference. For further details, please follow this link.

Open Data Mashup
The Linked Data researchers of our institute have developed a Mashup solution for easy consumption of Vienna's Open Governmental Data (OGD). In order to explore the system, please follow this link.

The contribution "Requirement analysis for integrated engineering – Mechanisms and practical demands" (atp edition 55(4), pp.28-35) [1] will be awarded with the atp-award 2012 in the category "Hochschule". Atp edition is a peer-reviewed professional and scientific magazine for automation technology. The award gains additional weight by the fact, that atp edition itself recently has been honored as German "Professional Media of the Year” ("Fachmedium des Jahres") in the category "Construction / Production / Industry".

Kempelen Award
The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava has awarded the medal of Johann Wolfgang von Kempelen to Prof. Tjoa for his significant contribution to advancement of knowledge and collaboration in Informatics and Information Technologies.

In SS 2013 and in cooperation with University of Vienna, the "Semantic Services for Business Process Management" course will be presented. Further information about this course and its corresponding Seminar is available on TISS: [188.508:Lecture],[188.509:Seminar] ,

In SS2013, we are presenting a new course entitled "Advanced Topics in Web of Data" for all PhD students of Computer Science. Further information about this course is available on TISS.

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