Towards the Application of TimeML in Clinical Guidelines

R. Wenzina, K. Kaiser:
"Towards the Application of TimeML in Clinical Guidelines";
Vortrag: Modellierung im Gesundheitswesen (ModGW). Workshop im Rahmen der Modellierung 2014, Wien; 20.03.2014; in:"Modellierung im Gesundheitswesen. Tagungsband des Workshops im Rahmen der Modellierung 2014", M. Heß, H. Schlieter (Hrg.); ICB-Research Report, 57 (2014), ISSN: 1860-2770; S. 37 - 48.

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The modeling of computer-interpretable clinical guidelines is a laborious task. In this project we propose a two-step approach to explore whether the TimeML specification language can build a solid foundation to enable an automatic modeling process by temporal reasoning. The comparison of the main linguistic differences between clinical guidelines and clinical narratives leads to the conclusion that existing research results of the latter are only partially applicable. Finally, the goals, methods, and expected results - which should ease the modeling task in the long run - are discussed.