Semantic Interoperability of Engineering Tools for Automation Systems Engineering

T Moser, S. Biffl:
"Semantic Interoperability of Engineering Tools for Automation Systems Engineering";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics,1(2011), S. 1 - 10.

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Automation systems engineering projects depend
on contributions from several engineering disciplines. These
contributions consist of complex artifacts like mechanical, electrical,
and software components and plans. While the software
tools available for each individual engineering discipline, there
is very little work on engineering process automation across
semantically heterogeneous engineering tool data models. In this
paper, we adapt the Engineering Knowledge Base (EKB) concept,
a semantic model, which extends the Global-as-View concept and
explicitly models common engineering concepts and mappings
using machine-understandable syntax, for the engineering of automaton
systems. We evaluate the concept based on a real-world
use case for data exchange and consistency checking between
software tools involved in automation systems engineering. Major
result is that the EKB concept sufficiently supports the semantic
interoperability of tools to enable the automation of engineering
processes. Furthermore, the EKB provides the capability to
efficiently identify defects across engineering models in several