CareCruiser: Exploring and Visualizing Plans, Events, and Effects Interactively

T. Gschwandtner, W. Aigner, K. Kaiser, S. Miksch, A. Seyfang:
"CareCruiser: Exploring and Visualizing Plans, Events, and Effects Interactively";
Vortrag: 4th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, Hongkong; 01.03.2011 - 04.03.2011; in:"Proceedings of the 4th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium", G. Di Battista, J. Fekete, H. Qu (Hrg.); IEEE, (2011), ISBN: 978-1-61284-933-1; S. 43 - 50.

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In recent years, sophisticated visualization methods have been developed to support both, the logical structure and the time-oriented
aspects of computer-executable clinical treatment plans. However, visualizing the effects of applying treatment plans as well as supporting the exploration of effects on the patient´s condition are still largely unresolved tasks.
To fill this gap, we have developed a prototype that enhances known visualization methods to communicate the processes of treatment plan application together with their effects on a patient´s condition in an easily understandable way. Our prototype combines the advantages of enhanced visual recognition of patterns with traditional information of parameters´ development. Thus, it provides means (1) to assess success or failure of previously applied treatment plans, (2) to explore theeffects of each applied clinical action on the patient´s condition, and (3) to identify sub-optimal treatment choices. These means help physicians to optimize their treatment choices and enable developers of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) to investigate and readjust these treatment plans.