Strategies to Support Ambulance Scheduling with Efficient Routing Services

G. Kiechle, K. Dörner, S. Biffl:
"Strategies to Support Ambulance Scheduling with Efficient Routing Services";
Vortrag: Business Informatics Conference, Vienna; 25.02.2009 - 27.02.2009; in:"Proceedings of Business Informatics Conference", (2009), S. 1 - 10.

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For regular patient transportation and emergency transportation with ambulance vehicles a dynamic
dial-a-ride (DARP) problem has to be solved. We analyze two scheduling strategies for the
regular dial-a-ride orders in order to minimize routing costs and to maximize transportation quality.
Furthermore, we review practical requirements and suggest a conceptual architecture for a
decision support system based on a customary control center system as basis for future business
Major results of this contribution are two promising and efficient solution procedures suitable for a
simplified bi-objective version of the dynamic DARP and tested with real-world problem instances.