Providing Universal Accessibility Using Connecting Ontologies: A Holistic Approach

A. Tjoa, K. Latif,S. Karim:
"Providing Universal Accessibility Using Connecting Ontologies: A Holistic Approach";
Vortrag: HCI International Conference (HCII 2007), Beijing, China; 22.07.2007 - 27.07.2007; in:"Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. Applications and Services", Springer, LNCS 4556 (2007), ISBN: 978-3-540-73282-2; S. 637 - 646.

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Accessibility implemantation efforts are gerally focused towards some typical user impairments and a few interaction devices for a particalar user scenario. Whereas there are numerous factors in the prvalent context which can leverage the overall accessibility to its foll potential, only if those are orchestrated together. In absence of a common and unifying approach the industry has little choice in abstaining from legacand is therefore not very successful in producing universally accesible software. Exploiting enabling technology of Semantc Web, we present an approach by developing Connecting Ontologies for these different factors. Exemplars are developed to show its correctness and practicability.