Value-Based Requirements Traceability: Lessons Learned

A. Egyed, P. Gr├╝nbacher,S. Biffl:
"Value-Based Requirements Traceability: Lessons Learned";
Vortrag: Joint International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), New Delhi India; 15.10.2007 - 19.10.2007; in:"RE'07: 15th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference", IEEE, New Delhi (2007), ISSN: 1090-705x; S. 266 - 274.

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Software development standards demand requirements
traceability without being explicit about the appropriate
level of quality of trace links. Unfortunately,
long-term trace utilizations are typically unknown at
the time of trace acquisition which represents a dilemma
for many companies. This paper suggests ways
to balance the cost and benefits of requirements traceability.
We present data from 3 case studies. Lessons
learned suggest a traceability strategy that (1) provides
trace links more quickly, (2) refines trace links
according to user-definable value considerations, and
(3) supports the later refinement of trace links in case
the initial value considerations change.