DelosDLMS - the Integrated DELOS Digital Library Management System

M. Agosti, S. Berretti,G. Brettlecker, A. Del Bimbo, N. Ferro, N. Fuhr, N. Keim, C. Klas, T. Lidy, D. Milano, M. Norrie, P. Ranaldi, A. Rauber, H. Schek, T. Schreck, H. Schuldt, B. Signer, M. Springmann:
"DelosDLMS - the Integrated DELOS Digital Library Management System";
Vortrag: DELOS Conference on Digital Libraries 2007, Tirrenia, Pisa, Italy; 13.02.2007 - 14.02.2007; in:"DELOS Conference on Digital Libraries 2007", (2007), S. 71 - 80.

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DelosDLMS is a prototype of a next-generation Digital Library
(DL) management system. It is realized by combining various specialized
DL functionalities provided by partners of the DELOS network
of excellence. Currently, DelosDLMS combines text and audio-visual
searching, offers new information visualization and relevance feedback
tools, provides novel interfaces, allows retrieved information to be annotated
and processed, integrates and processes sensor data streams, and
finally, from a systems engineering point of view, is easily configured and
adapted while being reliable and scalable. The prototype is based on the
OSIRIS/ISIS platform, a middleware environment developed by ETH
Z├╝rich and now being extended at the University of Basel.