ontoX - A Method for Ontology-Driven Information Extraction

B. Yildiz, S. Miksch:
"ontoX - A Method for Ontology-Driven Information Extraction";
in:"Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2007", O. Gervasi, M. Gavrilova (Hrg.); Springer-Verlag, LNCS 4707, Berlin-Heidelberg, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-540-74482-5, S. 660 - 673.

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Information Extraction (IE) is an important research field
within the Artificial Intelligence community, for it tries to extract rele-
vant information out of vast amounts of data. In this paper, we propose
an extraction method that utilises the content and pre-defined seman-
tics of ontologies formulated in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) to
perform the extraction task. We also propose our method to detect out-
of-date constructs in the ontology to suggest changes to the user. After
stating the results of our evaluation, we conclude that the use of on-
tologies in conjunction with IESs can indeed yield feasible results and
contribute to the better scalability and portability of the system.