Next generation semantic search for the patent domain.

SelfOptimizer researches and develops novel methods to improve the work of search professionals across different technology domains.

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Self-Optimizer is a Eurostars funded project with the aim of supporting the innovation process for industries active in various technical domains, e.g. telecommunications and pharmaceutical domains. Within the Self-Optimizer project, Uppdragshuset Sverige AB (UH) and Technische Universitaet Wien (TU Wien) will develop a tool which automatically optimizes indexes customized to a specific technical field. During a trial period, UH has used a manual approach for establishing sub-collections which reflect a specific technical domain. This manual approach has been successful but is very time consuming and needs to be converted into an automatic process. The automatic process will build upon the years of experience of text mining patent text at the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the TU Wien. From 2009 to 2013, the CLEF-IP (text retrieval in the intellectual property domain) evaluation task was organized by TU Wien. CLEF-IP was launched to investigate and evaluate Information Retrieval techniques for patent retrieval.

UH was founded in 2000 with a passion for the art of finding and which has continuously been developed. The company has subsequently grown and widened their range of services and products. Today, UH offers analysis of company strategies based upon intellectual property rights, high-quality advice concerning risks and possibilities in the innovation process, and development of smart administration systems that support innovation processes.

In Self-Optimizer, we will combine the TU Wien expertise in patent text mining and information retrieval with the UH experience in supporting companies’ innovation processes with different types of searches (e.g. prior art search, freedom to operate, invalidity search, etc.). We will thereby enhance the traditional Boolean search method predominant in patent search with search technology based on automatic query formulation, language modelling and statistical semantics.

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