Welcome to the CloudFaces project

CloudFaces (www.cloudfaces.io) is a visual application editor for Mobile and Web and Cloud-Based solutions build on the principle of "Progressive Prototyping".

Information & Software Engineering Group (Technical University of Vienna) in cooperation with The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) at the Sofia University (http://www.fmi.uni-sofia.bg/en/) and CloudFaces are focused on research activities in the field of novel methods and processes in the visual development of Mobile and Cloud-based Solutions. The point of the research efforts is the establishment of an innovative process (based on the "Progressive Prototyping" approach) to enable seamless interaction between all participants in a software project - users, developers, designers, consultants, project managers, QA and domain experts.

CloudFaces enables developers and information workers to describe a business software application by a model, where all parts of the system - Forms (User interface), Processes (Navigation and workflow), Data and Services (SOA composition) - are described in an abstract way. We call this abstract description the Semantic-Meta-Model (SMM).

Semantic Meta Model

Workshop: Creation of Progressive Prototypes


  • Creation of prototypes for companies on their request


  • Short problem analysis (Workshop)
  • Creation of working prototype
  • Verification Workshop(s) and refinement of the prototype and concept
  • Live prototype of a future application or system
  • Costs: No costs apply.


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